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Stay calm, be nice, and know thy self: These are 5 art books guaranteed to light your creative fire.

Updated: Aug 10

The War of Art: Steven Pressfield. Everyday advice for the modern artist to overcome 'resistance' and fuel your creative engine. Excuses need not enter!

Art Revolution: Lisa L. Cyr. Placing artists and their works front and center, Cyr examines the motivations and techniques of accomplished artists. Beautifully designed work of art in book form.

A Colorado Autumn: John Fielder. A hometown favorite and genuinely nice guy whose commitment to his craft and breathtaking photos of Colorado's back country remind us why we live here.

Steal Like An Artist: Austin Kleon. Theft is okay, even encouraged, as Kleon dives into what most artists know but are afraid to admit.

Art of the Western World: Michael Wood. An accessible survey of art history in the western tradition, Wood's narrative style and accompanying video series inspires and teaches us of the importance role that art continues to play in defining ourselves in time.


These are 5 art book faves that helped me to stay in the creative zone.....for life!

What book most inspired your art and creativity?

Note: All of the above titles are available on Amazon.

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