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Benefits of Repetition and Pattern (In Art and in Life)

Hello Fellow Creative Spirits!

Like life, my current book project is a constant work in progress. I've learned so much while trying to create a truly meaningful art experience for the artist/reader of, 'Create Your Sanity: A Guided Sketchbook'.

The strange thing is, I already uploaded the manuscript to Amazon thinking it was ready to go, then immediately started thinking of ways to take the book to the next level of art skills development. Pattern shading is a wonderfully meditative process and effective way to practice different techniques of tonal variations in our artwork. So now they're gonna' be a part of my new book, hopefully added in the next week and published to Amazon Books. Continuous quality improvement means living in a constant state of personal challenge and growth.


Don't forget to keep learning, challenging yourself, then learning some more. That's called growth, and it's the surest route to a life well-lived.

Let's see what you're challenging yourself with as an artist. Upload some of your recent creative efforts to the community so that we can see and learn from your experience. That's what it's all about! I look forward to seeing what you're up to and offering some feedback, trusting that you'll do the same for the stuff that I post in the community gallery.

All The Best,


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