Growing Plants

Creativity Power Flow

It's everywhere and happening all of the time, and in all of us.

From the birth of the universe, (the word is in the first line of Genesis, chapter 1) to germinating seeds, we're surrounded by acts of creation.

When allowed to flow within us, creative energy is a liberating force, a change agent that can rearrange matter into something new. But how do we prepare our inner soil to grow the seeds of creativity?  

By The Numbers:


• "Creativity is the single most important skill in the world."– LinkedIn Learning, January 2019

• 94% of hiring managers say it is important to consider creativity when hiring a job candidate. – Adobe, Hiring for the Future (2014).

• In a search for “creativity in business,” Google returned 345,000,000 results.


• CEOs say creativity is the #1 factor for future success. – IBM

• Recruiters rank creative problem solving as the second most difficult skill to find among job applicants. – Bloomberg Businessweek

• 78% of college-educated workers over 25 wish they had more creative ability. – Adobe, Hiring for the Future (2014).

• Creativity is or is related to 9 of the top 10 skills that global executives say is essential for 2020 and beyond. – World Economic Forum

Growth Mindset:


“Exceptional people seem to have a special talent for converting life’s setbacks into future successes. Creativity researchers concur. In a poll of 143 creativity researchers, there was wide agreement about the number one ingredient in creative achievement. And it was exactly the kind of perseverance and resilience produced by the growth mindset.”      -    Carole Dweck. Author of “The Growth Mindset”.


-Applied in the classroom: Changed the path of my career. Empowered my students.

    • Cumulative Exhaling: Emphasis on the value of 'don't quit' removed the anxiety of the self proclaimed non-artists. The process was valued more than the product.

    • Scientific Proof of Plasticity: The brain does not stop growing at a predetermined age. We can strengthen synaptic connections throughout our lives, and continuously grow.


-Applied in business: Mindset crosses institutional boundaries like school, or career. It extends to everything we think about, every day.

    • Creatively solving problems (adapting/pivoting) is at the core of success. The speed of change in the macro environment is increasing. Businesses that adapt tend to survive, and thrive.

-Creativity is a powerful force that often requires sacrifice to succeed. Energy, resilience, and time:

    •Splitting the atom: bad bombs/good energy.

    •Natural disasters: forest fires destroy, then renew.

    •Fine arts: Repeated failure, resilience in process, improvement, creation.

    •Business: Sacrifice of time, discover what ‘not’ to do, improve a product or service.

-Adaptation is creative: Time happens. Like in nature, those who observe, analyze, then act creatively, with new solutions, are the ones who achieve their objectives. Those who fail to adapt and find ways to thrive will stagnate and go away.

-Process of elimination: It isn’t the most efficient (curvy line), but creatively solving problems leads to your best work flow (straight line).

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