Making things is a sort of power trip. For me, the creative act provides an opportunity to slow down and generate an object that prompts an examination of the world and my place in it.  Art leaves behind an artifact that invites others to join a conversation, which in turn presents the possibility of gaining insight to a higher state of awareness. It really is a miraculous and powerful process.

I enter that process with the objective of creating visual impact through the use of both recognizable and never-before-seen combinations of shape, color, texture, line, and space. Many of my works attempt to elevate the significance of often overlooked things in everyday life, while others leave interpretation up to the viewer, while still others explore the dynamic of human systems in conflict with the natural world.


The unavoidable fact remains: Like all art, these pieces represent a response to a time and place which will never again exist in its current form. My hope is that you find them pleasing to the eye, and thought-provoking enough to come back for another visit.

           Thank you for taking the time to view my work! Enjoy!

           Matt Dowling

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