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Creativity is the Key:

Thanks for stopping by! Now, pull off the veil and breathe. You've taken the first step towards seeing art, and yourself, in a fresh new way. I'm a lifelong painter, designer, photographer and teacher who inspired thousands of art students, over a 30 year teaching career, to find their creative voice through explorations of drawing, painting, photography, game design, and graphic design. Now it's your turn.

     Art reveals how you see the world and your place in it, but too many creative souls see visual art as out-of-reach and reserved for the skilled few who have been given the gift of natural born talent. Actually, you are an artist but maybe just don't know it. Together, we'll find that magic spark of creativity to set you on a new path.

     Here, we'll dispel traditional preconceptions of what makes an artist, an artist. We'll use this space to jump out of consumption and into creation. You just need to find your voice. I'm here to help. This web platform provides an opportunity to build a new kind of classroom specifically for aspiring creatives. I hope that you enjoy using it as much as I've enjoyed creating it. It’s time to feed your inner artist.

What and Why:

Making things is a sort of power trip. For me, the creative act provides an opportunity to slow down and generate an object that prompts an examination of the world and my place in it.  Art leaves behind an artifact that invites others to join a conversation, which in turn presents the possibility of gaining insight to a higher state of awareness. It really is a miraculous and powerful process.

    I enter that process with the objective of creating visual impact through the use of both recognizable and never-before-seen combinations of shape, color, texture, line, and space. Many of my works attempt to elevate the significance of often overlooked things in everyday life, while others leave interpretation up to the viewer, while still others explore the dynamic of human systems in conflict with the natural world.

     Now it's your turn! There's only one way to find your creative voice, and that's to just do it; Make something. 

Join our community of Creatives.
   •Grow as an artist: Post a piece in the members only gallery for critique of yours and other's work. It's a safe space to give and receive feedback, and improve as an artist.
    •Exclusive access to the '10 Minutes In Calm' tutorial series and other bonus content.

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